Springtime in Kentucky brings flowers, snow and allergy symptoms…


I have found that taking systemic allergy medications doesn’t help much with itchy and watery eyes.  Sometimes these medications actually make your eyes more uncomfortable by reducing the tears your eyes can make.

What can you do to help your eyes see and feel their best?

First, keep yourself hydrated.  Give your eyes a moisture boost with a great artificial tear like Systane, Retaine, Refresh or Equate.  This will also rinse the allergens out of your eyes.

Second, consider an allergy eye drop.  There are some great ones that are now reasonably priced and over-the0-counter.  I like Pataday which is taken once a day and Zaditor which is taken twice a day.  Using these drops consistently during allergy season can really help.

Third, if you have tried these things and still can’t get relief from allergy eye symptoms, give me a call and make an appointment.  You may need a stronger prescription medication.  It might also be that you have more than just allergy symptoms and need a medical eye exam.  Sometimes, you may also need even more help with your allergy symptoms by having me refer you to a great local allergist.

Let me know how I can help.