Starting a business is an adventure everyone should try once.

I decided to start this eye clinic not long after leaving my last job.  I feel like I was pushed to do the right thing after exhausting all the other options.  Sound familiar?

I get asked quite a bit why I decided to start a business.  The short answer is that I love being a doctor and wanted to work.  The longer answer is that the right job hadn’t come along and I was tired of waiting.  That journey lasted about 12 years.  I found myself free of non-compete contracts.  I found a space I loved.  I kept working on it from home for about 6 months expecting to hit a wall I couldn’t get around.  To my surprise, it hasn’t happened yet.

Find people you trust to help you.  I have a wonderful office manager, Lynnette Lambert, I look forward to working with everyday.  I was completely unaware of many aspects of business ownership.  Medicine has become such an expensive bureaucracy.  Many physicians are not involved in vital things like insurance and marketing.  While it is nice to just see patients, I think physicians give up a lot of control over the way they live and practice medicine by not being involved in this.

So, I will keep going with this project and try to include you in it.  I hope it helps a few of you have the confidence to start making some phone calls and sending some emails to get your project started.  Work on it a little everyday until you have gotten so much done you can’t go back.  Then you must keep going!  When you get to this point (or anytime before that) come by the office for a cup of coffee and we will try to cheer you on.